Shiny New Appliances

Upgrading appliances can produce one of the most dramatic facelifts in a kitchen. But beyond their stylish modern looks, new appliances can be dramatically more convenient-both for energy efficiency and features. "Nowadays everything is much more efficient and comes with many helpful features such as door trays that hold gallon-sized milks," said Robin Vrieze, kitchen designer at Guyer's Builders Supply.

Innovative appliances are also making appearances, such as front-loading clothes washing machines that can accommodate countertops over their tops. "Double ovens are great; some new ones have a standard 30-inch range with a smaller oven on top to work for pizzas or cookie trays," said Vrieze. "Most items can be ordered within two to three weeks and installed quickly, though it is good to meet with a qualified remodeler from the beginning to plan for optimal space use and new product selection.

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