Cabinet Refacing

New Look, Less Mess

"Many times someone wants something done to their kitchen cabinets in a shorter amount of time," said Jennifer Maass, designer with Kitchen Concepts & Creative Living. "Or they want less mess and stress." Refacing kitchen cabinets is a terrific option for homeowners who do not have the budget to do a complete kitchen redesign at once. Refacing allows them to do the work in pieces - maybe installing new counters one year, a floor the next year, etc. Selle estimates that refacing existing kitchen cabinets can save approximately 30 to 40 percent over a completely new set. "Ninety percent of our work is done with wood ref acing, such as oak, cherry, hickory, or birch," said Selle. "We use a 1/2-inch plywood with new doors and drawer fronts." Though the work itself takes a mere three to four days, the design and scheduling can take up to four to eight weeks during busy times of the year.

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