Polished and Perfect

One of the simplest way to completely change the look of an outdated kitchen is to replace the countertops, explained Sarah Welch, marketing manager of Stone Concepts, Inc. "It's really fairly simple to do and you probably get the most bang for your buck of any kitchen remodeling project," she said. Welch said granite is a popular choice for durable countertops and the darker, classic colors are still very much in demand.

"We also do counters made of man-made stone or manufactured items such as butcher block and stainless steel," she said. "But we specialize in granite; it's such a beautiful material." The change can be as quick as it is dramatic, with turnaround time between three to four weeks after placing a deposit. "We go in and create a template of the countertop area," said Welch. "We cut the granite from a slab, polish the edges and install it."

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