Make a Beautiful, Maintenance-Free Deck

Sometimes splinters begin to take over and a deck needs a facelift. Other times, you just want to expand your entertaining area. The days are gone where slabs of wood and touch up with a can of stain every year were your only options when installing or remodeling a deck. Today, rugged composite materials that are almost space-age have made their appearance.

"There are many different materials out there that are maintenance-free," said Bill Holzer, vice-president of Markham Builders. "We install a lot of composite material" Composite is a man-made material composed of Polypropylene or Polyethylene (plastic bags or milk jugs) and sawdust or fine wood particles. It's approximately 90 percent recycled material and virtually maintenance-free. Most materials for deck projects can be ordered within approximately two weeks out, and projects can be installed within about one week's time, says Holzer.

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