Designing the Addition

Out of Room? Add On...

When a family has outgrown their current home, they can start the process of searching for a new home or add a room on to their existing space. "Adding a room on to an existing home is a great option for many people," said Brian Beyst, co-owner of Beyst Construction/Affordable Log Homes. "Some people want to stay in their existing neighborhood, for others, it's a more financially feasible way to get the space they need.

"The process of designing an addition can be a straightforward matching process (making the added room look as if it were a part of the original house), or a chance to splurge. "Some people want all the latest, greatest bells and whistles," said Beyst. "It depends on what the style of the people are and the house is." The design of a room addition usually takes approximately four weeks, with another six to eight weeks of construction - often making the process quicker than finding and purchasing a new house.

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