Designing the Bath

 Maximizing Your Space

Most bathrooms are the smallest room in the house - certainly the smallest room that's used regularly. Maximizing the space's comfort and usefulness takes careful planning and thinking outside the box which is something a good designer can help with. "Updating your bathroom really adds to your family's convenience," said Jackie Hanson, vice-president and owner of Hanson Builders and Remodelers.

"You can update old colors to newer, popular schemes and there are so many new products out there." One such product is the Posi-Temp temperature system to prevent temperature fluctuations. "Designers are seeing many elements that have been around for a long time in kitchens, such as Corian and granite, coming into the bath- rooms," said Richard Hanson, president and owner of Hanson Builders and Remodelers.

"Whirlpools are now almost standard and specialty finishes such as brushed nickel and brass are common." Hanson says most projects take approximately three months from design and planning, through choosing products and getting the job done.

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