Designing the Kitchen

Making a Kitchen Spectacular

Diane Quinn, owner and president of Beyond Kitchens, has spent a great deal of time studying trends in kitchen design and builds. "There are three reasons most people across the nation decide to remodel their kitchen: their appliances are worn out, the look is dated, or the kitchen no longer fits their lifestyle," she said.

One thing almost every kitchen redesign is requesting is an island. "An island can become an impediment if it's not designed properly. There should be a minimum of 42 inches between the counter and the island," explained Quinn. "So many families have two cooks; you want to both be able to work in the kitchen without bumping into each other" Durable granite countertops are also high on most people's wish list for their new space.

On average, Quinn said a kitchen redesign and remodeling project takes up to six months. "I think it's real important not to skimp on design time," she said. "At that point, all your design is done on paper as opposed to making quick decisions without a lot of thought to the impact on the rest of the home." Planning ahead can eliminate long wait time for products and potential hold ups in the construction process.

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