Exterior Doors

Insulated and Secure

Since they help banish the elements and make a welcoming impression in your house, homeowners should consider replacing exterior doors during remodeling projects. "Over the last few years, the insulation factors of new doors has been raised;' said Steve Raduenz, inside salesperson at Kruse Lumber. "Older doors usually have less efficient glass in them and a less efficient R-value rating.

"According to Raduenz, the weather stripping on older doors wears out and is sometimes not replaceable. "By replacing your existing doors with a newer, more energy-efficient door you are going to save money in the long run," he explained. "Plus there are many more styles available today."

"The doors we sell a lot of are 24- and 26-gauge steel doors available as painted or stainable steel;' said Raduenz. Steel doors with wood interiors in attractive woods such as cherry, oak or knotty pine can fit into any decor, and side lights (strips of decorative glass panels alongside the door) are still popular. Most doors can be ordered and customized within two to three weeks and installed within one day's time.

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