Laminates to Ceramic Tile...Look Down

When remodeling the kitchen, special consideration needs to be paid to the durability of the flooring material. With so much use and visibility (in many homes the kitchen is the main gathering place of family and friends), looking modern and stylish is important.

"Many times a remodeling project happens because the space is outdated," said Gary Dunn, salesperson for Hiller's Flooring America. "There are many new styles and sizes and shapes on the market."

While designs are always changing, trends in material choice come and go as well. "Right now, laminates are frequently replacing vinyls and many people are switching wood floors into ceramic tile," he said. "There are also brand new types of vinyls available."

Laying the actual floor is quick, usually taking less than a week to install and only two weeks to order in. Special orders or extensive design may take longer, but the overall impact of a new floor quickly becomes the basis for the room... and the home.

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