Handicap Access

Safety and Convenience... Add a Grab Bar

The president of Barrier Free Access, Lyle Stinson, said most owners who add handicap accessible items into their bathroom chose to add grab bars. "Installing grab bars helps keep bathrooms safer and increases the resale value of a home," said Stinson.

If stainless steel bars in hotel rooms are what most home owners are familiar with, they are in for a pleasant surprise - the range of finishes and textures is quite large. "The latest thing is a nylon grab bar that is warm to the touch and slip-proof," said Stinson.

Color is also making a strong statement, especially in children's bathrooms and for older people who have trouble seeing the bar if it blends in to the surrounding tile.

Installation of a grab bar is quick, taking just a few hours to complete. Ordering specialty products such as bars near the toilet or special finishes can take two to three weeks.

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