Warm, Soothing Light

Planning for adequate lighting is crucial for making a new space warm and inviting. "The trend in lighting is really making it part of the decor," said Marni Bowen, lighting specialist at Light Spot, LLC in Byron. "Specific styles are changing all the time, but almost every room needs to increase the amount of light it's getting."

Many new rooms are getting a modern touch of whimsy with bendable track and cable lighting systems. "They are nice because they can be installed with the existing wiring or you can pre-plan for their installation," said Bowen. Light Spot has also seen changes in the lighting for home offices and sunrooms. Many are using four-corner recessed light rather than a center fixture. "In sunrooms, we sometimes add a center ceiling fan to increase circulation and low-voltage linear lighting for the architectural features such as coves, niches, and deck railings."

Since planning for electrical wiring is best done in the design stage of a room addition, lighting should be planned early. "We meet with the electricians and the homeowners and follow the project along to completion," said Bowen. Order time for most items is about four to six weeks and installation is quick, especially when pre-planned.

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