Outside Finishes

Siding Helps Keep Out the Elements

Durable siding is an almost maintenance-free solution to dress up the outside of any home. "Siding will improve the energy efficiency of a home due to the layer of insulation added," said Bruce Ryan, president of Ryan Windows and Siding. "It adds to the value of the home and also helps prevent moisture that's caused by a home not being sealed properly."

Siding has seen dramatic product changes over the past few years, making custom looks even more accessible for homeowners. "There are some fantastic fade-resistant finishes now so people can get the color they like and not have to worry about it changing;' said Ryan. "We are installing a great deal of Weathered Wood steel siding, and a high -quality vinyl siding named Royal Reserve."

Installing siding usually takes just a week or less, but many consumers begin the planning process two to three years in advance. "It makes it easier to budget for the cost," said Ryan. "And allows customers time to get new ideas." New siding can usually be scheduled and installed within eight weeks of placing an order.

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