Replacement Options

A Bathroom's Beautiful New Finish

Sometimes a homeowner just doesn't want to go through the expense or the mess of a total bathroom remodel. Fortunately, there are some options that can dramatically update the look of the room without major construction.

One option is refinishing your bathtub and ceramic wall tile. "You can change the color or just give the area a clean, new surface;' said Harlan Hanson, owner of DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen. "It gives a nice new look but leaves the fixtures intact."

A second option is installing an acrylic liner over the tub and shower walls for a sleek, clean look that's easy to maintain. "Both options create much less mess, cost less money and can be finished quickly," he said.

After ordering, both projects can be installed in just one to two days, minimizing the time the bathroom's out of order.

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