Roofs and Ice Barriers

Ice Barriers Keep Your Home Warm and Dry

Keeping a home warm and dry is the job of your roof, working in conjunction with an ice/water barrier. During an ice dam condition (a build up of ice and water that works its way under shingles), water can seep through the roof and cause internal damage in a house. New products can prevent these leaks, said Jeff Brauer, president of Brauer Roofing, Inc.

"We are now installing a 6- foot protective membrane under the shingles,'' said Brauer. "Rather than the 3- foot that used to be popular."

Steel roofs are taking off in the home remodeling industry. "The stone-coated steel has a number of benefits over shingles," said Brauer. "They last longer, save on energy due to its reflectability and come with a 120-mph wind warranty."

Replacing a roof is one of the quickest remodeling projects available- most roofs can be removed and replaced with newer materials within a day or two.

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