Bring in the Light

Adding or remodeling a sunroom to a house can be an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors, all year round. "In many homes there's not enough sunlight coming into the home," explained Tom Gommels, president of Master Builders. "We have found people say that the sunrooms that we do, especially if they're installed with heat and air conditioning so they can be used year-round, become the most-used room in the house."

For many homeowners, adding on a sunroom is an excuse to make the space a separate entity from the house - with a completely different design scheme. "We are using a lot of knotty pine on the ceiling," said Gommels. "And obviously a lot of windows. Fireplaces are popular, as are French doors that close the room off to the rest of the house."

For the scope of the construction, the build goes quickly, taking about 12 weeks from start to finish on average.

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