Walls and Ceilings

The Proper Finish

When remodeling a basement room, professionally finishing the walls and ceilings can dramatically integrate the room into the rest of the home. "In a basement, you often have mechanical and electrical systems running along the ceiling that you want to cover," said Rick Larson, president of Rick Larson Construction, Inc. "Finishing the walls and ceilings properly certainly improves the look of the space."

"We always drywall and finish the ceiling and walls like any room in the house," said Larson. "It includes a ceiling spray or texture." The finished look is a vast improvement over exposed beams or a drop ceiling that doesn't look as professional.

Like any large remodeling process, the project timeline depends on the scope of the room being added or remodeled. "It can take anywhere from one to four months from start to finish," said Larson. "Often when I remodel, a lot of planning is ongoing-such as adding light fixtures or other changes as it comes together."

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