Wall Coverings

Faux It!

One of the simplest steps that can customize and personalize a new room is the choice of wall covering. From vibrant colors that express the homeowner's personality to modern wall coverings such as wood veneers, the world of design has moved far beyond a simple can of paint.

"Faux finishes are very popular and you can achieve very subtle or dramatic looks with color, glazes and textures," said Karen Blissenbach, co-owner and design principal at Design Studio B. "Or, using two different finishes of paint (flat and gloss) you can add dimension to your walls with alternating stripes." Another popular choice, especially in older houses to cover wall blemishes, is textured paint. "Wall covering has changed a great deal in the past several years," she said. "There are many great patterns and textures; from cork and grass cloth, to natural fiber paper, and metallics."

Blissenbach says straight paint or wall covering requires the shortest lead time, but a complicated faux finish can take several days depending on the complexity and dry time between coats.

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