Well Beyond Glass

More than just allowing for crystal-clear views and warm sunlight, windows protect the home from the elements and cold winter drafts. Tim Mayer, president of Larson Siding and Windows emphasizes the increased savings from installing new windows when remodeling. "Saving on energy costs and being able to stop drafts is key," said Mayer. "New products also have low maintenance and are easy to operate. They really increase the beauty and appeal of a home."

Technology has taken windows well past simple glass and wood frames. Mayer recommends the new RIO glass that carries the highest R-value and lowest U-value. The triple-pane windows filled with krypton gas blocks 80 percent of ultraviolet rays. This double Low- E pane has low remissive reflection and is optimal for cold climates. "We also carry something called Infinitrim, which is new;' said Mayer. "It provides maintenance free trim around the window." The physical installation of windows takes only about two days, with an entire project (from design and ordering to installation) running about six weeks.

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